About Us

ALQABAEL was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of producing authentic Arabic luxury attire. ALQABAEL offers range of unique and traditional Arab clothing with an urban touch. ALQABAEL caters to its customers custom requests with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to deliver on time.

Vision & Mission

The prime focus upon the creation of our company was a passion for collecting Arabic heritage of historical value and innovate it to our upcoming generation to sustain our tradition. Since our formation, we have worked diligently to produce only the finest Arabic attire and accessories and have a high standard of quality. Our designs are unique on the market and are adapted to triumph in the world of luxury apparel. This refined mastery is driven by the desire to transmit the rich heritage of the Arab region. Using only the finest materials, entirely made in Bahrain. Our timeless pieces are certain to satisfy and be passed down to future generations. At ALQABAEL, we are purveyors of luxury, emphasizing an understanding for the needs of our customers and a top-notch level of service.